Services and Cost

The basic fee for birth doula services includes: 2 prenatal meetings (can be done virtually if preferred), unlimited phone and email support from time of hire, my presence and support during labor, birth, and several hours after, and at least one postpartum visit in your home. I am always available to clients via phone, email or text to answer questions and provide support during pregnancy, postpartum, and beyond!

Basic birth doula fee: $800.00

Add the Lamaze Healthy birthing class series: $100.00 ($50.00 discount)/

Add an extra breastfeeding consult within 48 hours of birth: $25.00 ($25.00 discount)

Come to my office for both prenatal meetings and receive a $50.00 discount!

I am honored to provide no cost doula services for moms whose partner will not be able to attend the birth due to military service.

Lamaze Healthy Birthing Class (currently classes are virtual)

Discount for doula clients

Group Classes (6 Classes 2 1/2 hours): $150.00 same cost for virtual class!

Weekend Group Class (Sat 9-5/Sun12-6) 150.00. Same cost for virtual classes but will split the classes over 2 weekends

Private Classes in Berwick (4 weeks): $200.00

Private Classes in your home (4 weeks): $250.00

Some insurance companies will reimburse for childbirth classes or you can use your HSA. I provide you with a receipt 

Breastfeeding Support

Breastfeeding is good for you and is the best and safest food for your baby, but breastfeeding is not always easy in the beginning! I am trained and certified as a Lactation Counselor and have worked with hundreds of women helping them succeed at breastfeeding. Having an experienced person come to your home and spend time watching baby nurse and talking to you can be a life saver and increases the chance of a successful breastfeeding relationship with your baby! You can be proactive by setting up a private consult for when you bring baby home. Then, call me when baby is born, and we will set up the visit.

Even if you didn’t plan a visit ahead of time, it’s ok! Did you get home with the baby and run in to problems?  Call me for an emergency home visit. I make every effort to get to you within a few hours of  the call.

Breastfeeding Support Consultation fee: $50.00 (private and in your home or virtual) Discount for Doula Clients

I want all who desire the support of a doula to have one! I take payments for as long as needed via check, cash or PayPal, and am willing to barter (examples of past barters include: painting, editing, home repair, freezer meals, cleaning, car repair). Let me know what you have to offer!

I am also part of a nonprofit, Improving Birth: Central and Northeast PA Chapter, that offers doula services on a sliding scale In PA for info

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