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Why take a childbirth class?

If you don’t know your choices you don’t really have any. How you labor and birth your baby is as important as learning how to become parents. More important then the time and expense of decorating the nursery.
Invest in Lamaze Healthy Birthing classes to help you understand your choices and more!

*You and your support person will be 2 of at most 8 people in the class.

*Class will be 2 ½ hours each week for 6 weeks so you have time to absorb and ask questions.

*Class is held in the comfort of my home and we have snacks!

*There are games and markers and crayons and colored paper and scissors and laughter and exercise and tennis balls and brains and egg timers and ice pops and rebozos..

*You will learn all about what causes labor and what helps it move along

*Your support person will be confident and ready.

*At the end of 6 weeks your support person will have many tools and ways to work with you and help you during labor and birth.

*You will both leave class with some new friends who are going through the same thing and your kids will be similar ages.

*You and your support person will learn to work together as you start navigating your new role as parents.

*6 weeks after last baby is born everyone gets to come back together to meet the babies!
All this for only $150.00!
Call or email me to sign up for class today!

For the trifecta of Birthing take lamaze class, hire a doula and see a midwife! Stay tuned to learn why.

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