Pregnant? Learn more about my doula services!

Doulas provide silent support and protect your space

Currently I have open spaces for doula clients June 2023 and Beyond in Pennsylvania! Limited availability for clients elsewhere in US

Fess for my doula services which include my 20+ years of training and experience AND 2 prenatal meetings (can be done virtually if preferred), unlimited phone and email support from time of hire, my presence and unlimited support during labor, birth, and several hours after, and one postpartum visit in your home.

birth doula fee $1000.00. Discounts for repeat clients and combination of other services.

I offer a free introductory meeting to discuss my services and your needs! Virtual or in person!

Keep scrolling to learn about the many benefits of doula support and more about my services!

Research shows that people who hire a doula;

*Mothers have a greater satisfaction with their birth experience

  *Lower rates of postpartum depression

  *Partners tend to be MORE involved

Women tend to have:

       *Shorter labors

*Fewer complications

        *Less need of interventions

*Less use of pain medication

The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG) has acknowledged the benefit of continuous support of a doula. Read article here

Since 2002

As a doula, my role is supportive and not medical. As a nurse and experienced doula I can explain the medical side, but the decision-making is for you and your care provider. My focus is on you and your needs.

I come with 20+ years of experience supporting birthing people

A doula helps provide and maintain a safe space for you to labor, is a calm guide to help you and your partner remember what you learned in class. Encourages you in self advocating for your self and for your partner to advocate for you. A doula is your interpreter!

I serve pregnant people having:

medicated births, non-medicated births, cesarean births, vaginal birth after cesarean, hospital births, home birth, long births, short births. How and where you birth is your choice. My job is to support you in your choices. To create a safe space for you and your partner to labor and birth

I have worked with:

– surrogates and intended parents, pregnant people teens to 40s, married, not married, with partners and without. First-time parents and parents who are having their second, third, fourth … With many friends and family present or none. Again you make your choices, I support you!

I have supported clients at:

– Moses Taylor Hospital, Geisinger Wyoming Valley Hospital, Geisinger Danville Hospital, Geisinger Bloomsburg Hospital, Susquehanna Health Hospital, Williamsport Hospital, Geisinger Community Scranton, Lehigh Valley Hazleton Hospital, Wayne Memorial Hospital, Evangelical Hospital and at home with a midwife.

I am happy to support and work with any and all!

I have a good relationship with the doctors, midwives and nurses and am always honored when they refer clients to me.

My job is to help your chosen support person support you at whatever level they are comfortable with, and to provide support to them, too. I make sure you both have what you need so you can labor and birth in whatever way is best for you.

During our visits before your due date, we discuss everything from preparing for labor to comfort measures to siblings to postpartum plans for rest and recovery and everything in between! We take time to get to know each other and make sure that you and your partner have your questions answered.

All clients have access to my extensive library of books and videos. I also loan birthing balls and TENS units for your use at no extra cost.

Once you are in labor, I will join you whenever you wish. I stay with you during labor, birth and several hours after to help you get settled, while still providing you the time and space for you to get to know your baby, and make sure you both have eaten and rested!

During the postpartum time I stay in close touch and am available to answer questions and help with breast feeding challenges. I come to your home ( or virtually if you prefer) about a week after your birth to see how you are doing and discuss your baby’s birth. I am always available for questions and support during postpartum and beyond!

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