Lamaze Healthy Birthing – Not your typical childbirth class!

People who take Lamaze Healthy Birthing are better prepared for birth and beyond! No matter what kind of birth you envision taking an in-depth class will help you. Knowing what your choices are and what to expect is invaluable and well worth the investment. The class will also help you prepare for breastfeeding, postpartum, and parenting. I limit class size so there is plenty of time for questions and you can get to know the others in your class.

Consulting with Virginia gives you the opportunity to take advantage of her 20+ years of childbirth professional experience and 40+ years of parenting!

Participants tell me they prefer the virtual live classes on zoom. So I will continue offering them, with the addition of 1-2 of the classes being in person. I send participants a binder with outline for note taking, supplies we use during class, a list of things needed from around the house. Then we all meet on zoom. Participants can see me as well as the other attendees!

What childbirth education looks like now!

6 week Series 16+ hours of education Sunday’s 5pm-8pm . May 7- June 18, July – August classes will be a combination of virtual with 1-2 in person

Group Classes $200.00 Private Classes $300.00

To register contact me

Many insurance companies will reimburse for childbirth classes. I will provide you with a receipt and certificate of completion at end of series. I’m also happy to fill out any paperwork your insurance requires. Contact me to register

Attendees tell me in this time of isolation this class was a bright light of interaction with other expecting families. An advantage of virtual class is you don’t have to live near me to participate. So classes are available to any expecting couples, no matter where you live!

Enjoying a reunion. we still do them, just virtual now!

During these classes you will learn about pregnancy, labor, birth, postpartum and breastfeeding.  

We will discuss what is normal, and what is not. I will help you understand the best evidence-based practices for pregnancy, labor, and birth, based on the 6 healthy birthing practices.

Lamaze 6 Healthy Birthing Practices:

– Let labor begin on its own

– the hormones of labor and how they help you and your baby

– Bring a loved one, friend and a doula for continuous support

– Avoid interventions that are not medically necessary

 – Avoid giving birth on your back and follow your body’s urges to push

 – Keep mother and baby together – It’s best for mother, baby and breastfeeding

Come learn all about:

– how moving around and changing positions throughout labor can help labor progress

– what labor feels like and how to help the contractions do their job

– how to listen to and work with your body

– ways to manage labor – from comfort measures, breathing, movement, position changes, massage, relaxation and visualization, epidural, narcotics, nitrous, water and more.

-how your support person can help you

– interventions that might come up during labor and the pros and cons of each

Lots of laughter along with learning.

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